Product Value Management in the Age of Disruption

Aligning your products and services to changing market needs

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Key Takeaways

Learn how:

  • The lifespan of a successful company is limited by its ability to stay connected to its customers, and rapidly and accurately communicate the value of its products and services
  • A new approach to managing the lifecycle of products called Product Value Management (PVM) offers a way for organizations to continuously and efficiently align their products to market needs
  • Propel has redefined product lifecycle processes for fast-moving companies by focusing on product value and customer engagement

About This Resource

We are living in a time of disruption caused by the rapid evolution of technology, socioeconomic issues, and geopolitical events. To be successful, products must engage a segment of the market and clearly communicate their value through the product lifecycle. While siloed legacy solutions don’t support the communication of value, Propel’s product value management (PVM) platform offers a way for fast-moving companies to continuously align products and services to rapidly changing market needs.

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