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Product 360 + Customer 360 = Product Success

October 16, 2019

Built on Salesforce, Propel's integrated cloud platform allows you to connect the people, processes, and systems needed to deliver product success.

Large and discrete manufacturers are embracing innovative cloud-based platforms for product design and development at a staggering pace. 

Propel saw this transformation happening and recognized cloud as the top business imperative for product organizations of all industries. We are a product SaaS company, powered by the Salesforce cloud, which helps thousands of physical product manufacturers, designers, and creators make innovative market-leading products that deliver superior outcomes and meaningful customer experiences. 

Organizations from all industries and sizes — from large enterprises to SMBs to startups — need complete data visibility in order to collaborate and leverage customer insights that ultimately bring successful products to market. 

“70% of customers say connected processes — such as seamless handoffs or contextualized engagement based on earlier interactions — are very important to winning their business.”

- Second Edition, State of Connected Customer Report, Salesforce, 2018

Product manufacturers need to innovate at a much faster pace as customers expect more connected experiences. Manufacturers are challenged to transform their businesses by uniting each stakeholder in the product value chain. 

Propel delivers product success by connecting the people, processes, and tools needed to deliver market-leading products from concept to customer. Product 360 visibility is required for all internal and external teams to deliver a product successfully to the hands of a customer. 

Similarly, customer feedback is key. Leveraging customer insights by tying them with the product record help in mitigating risks, exploring opportunities, and personalizing experiences. Our platform provides you the complete Customer 360 view as it is natively built on the top-rated Salesforce cloud platform. In essence:

Product 360 + Customer 360 = Product Success 

Companies face the daunting task of scaling with growing business needs, reducing installation and upkeep costs, and securely handling data from anywhere. Replacing your data infrastructure every few years could also pose significant security threats and compliance issues. 

Organizations are subject to several regulatory and governance laws and must safeguard data as it is the most valuable commodity. Manufacturers need to leverage advanced analytics, reporting, and intelligent dashboards to adopt predictive and prescriptive insights in the decision-making process to accelerate product development cycles. 

Cloud technologies are more promising than ever before. Propel incorporates all the capabilities of Salesforce's modern cloud such as data security, flexibility, configurability, ease of use, extensibility, mobility, analytics and reporting into a single source of truth. 

It’s critical to tie the sales, marketing, service, quality, and customer records to the product record and Salesforce's multi-tenant architecture ensures Propel will always be the next-gen solution, ready to make you future-ready and deliver true product success.

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