Product Success In the Age of the Customer

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) and Optimizing the Customer Experience

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Key Takeaways

In this eBook, you'll learn that:

  • Great customer experiences lead to superior company performance.
  • Product quality, commercialization, and service are just as necessary as product development in today’s dynamic world as they offer newer value streams and customer engagement opportunities.
  • Manufacturers are increasingly adopting cloud-based platforms to face today’s challenges and scale to meet future critical needs.
  • Manufacturing companies pursuing digital transformation initiatives must have robust PLM solutions and implementations as their foundation.

About This Resource

In this eBook, CIMdata shares insights from their recent cloud PLM survey on manufacturers’ cloud adoption and digital transformation trends. Learn why optimizing the customer experience is the cornerstone of product success and how manufacturers are shifting toward cloud-based platforms to boost collaboration and facilitate integrations. CIMdata elaborates on how PLM has reached an inflection point from being a laggard as cloud adoption accelerates and customers expect technological advancements to augment their product strategies and execution plans.

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