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The ultimate guide for product value creation and capture.

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Today’s market demands an up-to-the-minute reflection of customer desires. And more and more, those desires necessitate connections on multiple levels—with the product, with the buying experience, with service, even with design. And that all these touchpoints be unified and seamless.

Depending on your setup, this may seem daunting to implement. After all, your current product strategy may not be perfect, but it’s working just fine.

It’s the old “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” excuse.

Sure, just like if a time bomb is ticking, it isn’t broken.

Your product strategy may not be broken but the surrounding market demands more than simply not broken. It demands nimble, powerful, sustainable, and efficient.

It means a shift in your company mindset.

A business transformation.
An entirely new approach.

Enter: Product Value Management (PVM).

In our new guide, we explain how PVM is the natural evolution of the product lifecycle strategy, developed to meet the needs of today’s market and to keep pace with tomorrow’s.

Get the Propel PVM handbook, the ultimate guide for product value creation and capture.

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