New Product Development

Create profitable products and get them to market faster by connecting people and processes with a single product thread from concept to customer.

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IT Complexity Slows Time To Market

Product companies that need to move faster and make smarter decisions are challenged by a sprawling tech stack that silos data, isolates teams, and fails to meet evolving business needs. The result is:
Slower Product Innovation
You can’t meet market needs when customer and product teams can’t effectively collaborate.
Delayed Product Launches
Gaps in data and processes impede communication, resulting in missed launch dates.
Missed Profit Targets
Profitable products are impossible to design when cost information is outdated, missing, or hard to find.

Accelerate New Product Development With Propel

Insight and Intelligence

Robust visibility of customer, product, and financial data allows teams to make the right decision faster. Integrated project management aligns teams, while BOM cost roll-ups provide real-time view of product margins so product, supply chain, and procurement teams have the right information to deliver profitable products.

Customer Engagement

A single system of engagement across the enterprise unifies customer and product teams to deliver the best possible customer experience. Frictionless flow of product information to commercial teams helps improve marketing and ecommerce efforts, while customer information flowing to product teams helps build better products with strong market demand.

Enterprise Collaboration

The same product record owned by product teams is accessed and enriched by commercial teams—and stays in sync as changes happen. Marketing and ecommerce can work with confidence and in parallel with product development to ready channels for product introduction prior to product release, allowing product launches to happen earlier and with a higher price.
The biggest hurdle to business transformation is not knowing where to begin
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More Capabilities
BOM Management
Evolve products with multiple BOM views, draft BOMs, and redlines. Capture tribal knowledge and access design history through contextual communications tied directly to product artifacts.
Change Management
Leverage smart automation, rich workflows, and criteria-based approvals that evolve designs to reduce cost, improve product performance, and align with market requirements.
Approved Manufacturer Lists and Approved Vendor Lists help engineering and supply chain teams lower supply chain risk, reduce cost, and improve quality. Includes vital information such as preferred status, historical costs and volumes, and on-time delivery metrics.
Customer and Market Requirements
Ensure product teams have access to the needs, expectations, and preferences of customers, the broader market, and regulatory mandates so they can build the right products for the right buyers.
Design Collaboration
and Visualization
Consolidates all needed information (including MCAD, ECAD, documents) to create a complete definition of the product that is visible throughout the company and enables visual communication of design intent.
Concept To Customer Solutions for Fast-Moving Product Companies
Propel PLM
Cloud-native, role-based, and easy-to-use product lifecycle management enables enterprise-wide collaboration so teams work smarter, faster, and better together.
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Propel PIM
Product information management unites marketing and manufacturing teams so they can engage customers with accurate, tailored product content in every channel.
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Propel QMS
Concept to customer quality management system improves part, process, and supplier quality to deliver safer products, happier customers, and increased profits.
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Speeding Time To Market As Company Doubles
Formlabs spends less time hunting for data and more time focused on products and customers with PLM, QMS, and CRM on a single platform. Improved engineering change order processes and quick employee onboarding deliver faster time to value.
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