Create accurate, consistent, and compelling product experiences for customers across an expanding number of ever-changing channels.

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Inaccurate Product Information Hurts Sales
It’s difficult to keep customers engaged in noisy, hyper-competitive marketplaces, especially when marketing learns about products late in their development cycle. Incorrect, inconsistent, or outdated information can ruin the customer experience and result in lost sales. Customers are increasingly researching products across multiple channels, making the distribution of clear and consistent product information an even bigger challenge.
Siloed Product Information
Disconnected teams make it hard to find product information with no closed loop to drive alignment.
Constant Product Changes
Promotions and market changes require updates to published information, which are difficult to track.
Time-Consuming Processes
Reformatting and keeping up-to-date enriched content for each channel’s unique data structure requires valuable time and energy.
Propel Creates Seamless Customer Experiences
Promotional efforts can start earlier in the product development process when marketing and product teams are connected.
Accurate Product Data
Marketing always knows where to find up to date product information and has access to it earlier.
Enrichment and Syndication
Content can be formatted for each channel to meet different data structures and requirements.
Automated Workflows
Seamless processes across teams ensures product updates and launches are handled correctly.
Communication is embedded within the platform so information remains centralized and easy to find.
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Create Impactful Content With Propel
Fast, Accurate, and Easy
Arm marketing and sales with the product information needed to hit launch dates and revenue targets. Commercial and product teams can work in parallel to ensure sales and marketing efforts are started as early as possible, while real-time product data ensures customers are presented with compelling experiences and accurate information.
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Get To Market Faster
Create products your customers want by connecting people and teams using a single product data thread from concept to customer. Robust visibility of customer and financial data coupled with automated process flows across all teams ensure that products hit profit margins and are launched on time.
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Win More Deals
Coordinate between customers, sales, engineering, and product teams to quote and deliver custom products that exceed profit margin targets. Product teams can use existing designs to accelerate development timelines, while access to real-time component cost information allows precise BOM cost roll-ups to ensure quotes meet profitability goals.
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Happy Customers
Maintain high customer satisfaction and contain costs by ensuring field service teams have the right product and customer information at all times. Connect service, customer, and product teams to deliver the best possible customer experience, and ensure the most up-to-date product manuals are available to users and field technicians.
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Global Processes
Secure and maintain compliance with industry and regulatory mandates. Extend compliance processes across product development, go-to-market teams, and suppliers with a single data thread that speeds  issue resolution and helps ensure compliance before a product is built.
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Propel is able to extend that environment out and make sure that your partners are also operating from the same core system of record.
Jeff Faulkner | VP Operations | Samsara
Propel is helping Desktop Metal manage very complex and advanced products that will change how engineers bring products to market.
Matt Verminski | VP of Engineering | Desktop Metal
At a moment's notice, we can see the pulse of where our quality system lies. My management review process has gone from 5 days to a 5 minute report.
Donielle Baudin | Director of Quality | Imperative Care
Propel’s PVM platform is beyond compelling. It’s fundamentally essential to understand how our design impacts value.
Daniel Voit | CEO | Blentech