PLM hasn’t changed for 20 years. Until now.

Your markets, your customers, and your products have all changed. But your PLM tools haven’t. Today calls for a new kind of PLM. Propel is it.
Cloud-native, role-based, and easy-to-use, Propel is PLM reimagined.

Business Benefits


Faster Time to Market


Faster Customer Issue Resolution


Margin Increase

Propel PLM Enables Business Transformation with Top-line and Bottom-line Impact

Empower Digital Transformation

Enable new business models and capture additional revenue streams to grow your business and weather uncertain market conditions.

Achieve Product Success

Collaborate across your value chain to create the right products, commercialize them successfully, and correct quality issues decisively.

Optimize Customer Experiences

Put the customer at the center of your business to deliver compelling product experiences that boost win rates and maximize long term retention.

Build a Resilient Enterprise

Effectively support all teams regardless of location. Efficiently qualify and collaborate with global suppliers to build resilience and a robust supply chain.

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Key Propel PLM Capabilities

Contextual collaboration

Accelerate time to market and respond to ever-changing market conditions faster than competitors with complete data visibility, company-wide collaboration, integrated analytics, and access control. Make informed business decisions and break existing functional silos by connecting people, systems, and processes.

Real-time analytics

Manage costs using a system that was purpose-built with BOM structure, reporting, and analytics capabilities. Store and analyze the cost information gathered from each distributor and contract manufacturer. Roll it up on a BOM to compare costs across different products and time periods.

Document & CAD integration

Accelerate time to market, reduce errors, and bolster innovation by integrating Propel’s platform with any CAD system. Fully incorporate and manage documents via rich integrations with Microsoft Office and G Suite.

Component & Supplier management

Manage parts and part sources through AVL/AML, supplier scorecards, supplier qualification, onboarding, audits, and corrective actions. Closely collaborate with suppliers, staying in sync on items, changes, and quality processes.

BOM management

Reduce development timelines with greater flexibility, visibility, and productivity with our modern approach to bill of materials. Compare revisions, visualize redlines and retain multiple work streams without breaking out of a workflow. In addition, Clipboard enables easy copy of BOM items, Item revisions, recently viewed and Affected Items, and paste them into other tables for lightning fast work. BOM Navigator displays the BOM in a hierarchical structure that easily drills down various levels while viewing details, without having to navigate to another window.

Change management

Reduce iterations and change cycle times by efficiently managing your engineering change orders, change requests and manufacturing change orders. Configure and automate rules for the right approvers in workflows and manage product updates across the entire value chain. Propel’s cloud-based platform promises you the required agility, flexibility, and configurability to easily review and approve workflows from your phone, tablet, or laptop.

Cost rollup

Decrease costs and deliver consistent profits with more efficient design, supply chain optimization, and preventive maintenance. Quickly determine product viability as well as associated profit margins by efficiently tracking, managing, and analyzing material, prototype, labor, maintenance, production, and supply chain costs.

Project management

Manage and fast-track project completion timelines with effective collaboration and complete data visibility. Manage project schedules by assigning tasks and notifying relevant users. Quickly collaborate with internal teams, suppliers, and contract manufacturers to make intelligent business decisions. Fast-track projects by determining the exact causes of delays and downtimes.

Visual collaboration

Democratizes product visuals across the enterprise and accelerates collaboration. Improves clarity by viewing and markup of a wide variety of formats including Mechanical and Electrical 2D & 3D CAD files, PDFs, jpegs and more. Allows anyone in an organization to visualize and clearly communicate product changes and design improvements.

Component Insights

Displays supply chain risk in the BOM and sub-assemblies by searching and view component market availability, cost, risk, and environmental compliance information. BOM lookup view displays current availability from authorized suppliers and availability of component documentation, and managing Obsolescence Risk.  Quick access to component datasheets as well as compliance certificates for RoHS, REACH, SCIP, Conflict Minerals and more. Data integrity through daily synchronization with over 1 Billion components in the parts database.

Enterprise integration

Connect to any existing system with the Propel Enterprise Integration Framework. For example, enable frictionless release-to-manufacturing handoffs through Propel’s connectivity to ERP systems.

Trusted by Industry Leaders

Formlabs uses Propel to solve issues faster

“Propel gives flexibility and maturity to product development. The flexibility to do things like when we were a young, scrappy startup and the maturity in the later stages during prototypes and production, all while making sure the right set of eyes are on the product. Propel is the best of both worlds.”