Single Platform Solution

Customer 360 + Product 360

Maximize revenue by connecting customer and product data on the world's #1 business platform

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Single data thread from concept to customer
Bringing commercial and product teams together on a single platform is the easiest and fastest way to unify customer and product data, enable collaboration, and establish seamless business processes throughout the entire value chain. The end result is greater visibility and greater responsiveness on a simplified IT stack - all working in tandem to help companies make the right decisions faster and with less resources. Built on Salesforce means more than Propel offering the many benefits of this world class business platform to our customers, it also means we help unlock additional ROI for companies that chose Salesforce as their business platform of choice.
Unleash the power of Salesforce Clouds
Maximize the value of your Salesforce investment by connecting data, people and processes across product and commercial teams.
Sales Cloud
Improve quote accuracy with collaboration and automated process flows between sales and product teams.
Service Cloud
Improve product quality and streamline issue resolution by linking customer cases to product data.
Commerce Cloud
Ensure ecommerce sites have accurate data by streamlining and automating product information updates.
Revenue Cloud
Automatically update pricebooks with real time updates to products, new SKUs, and pricing changes.
Experience Cloud
Share product information and collaborate with low touch users in a secure and easy to use environment.
Manufacturing Cloud
Create a true manufacturing industry platform by combining product and customer operations.
Government Cloud
Meet federal compliance requirements with a FedRAMP-authorized cloud.
Bring customer, product, and supplier data into visual analytics that help make better business decisions.