Product Value Management

Shared insights across product and commercial teams. Contextual collaboration to speed process flow. And product-market engagement to drive financial success.

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Product Value Management

A blueprint for product company success in dynamic markets

Product Definition

Define and evolve the whole product over its lifetime

Capture Ideas & Market Requirements

Manage Hardware, Software, & Suppliers

Design for Quality, Sustainability, & Revenue

Product Operations

Optimize for successful economic outcomes

Model Product Cost & Market Demand

Simulate Profits to Optimize Portfolio

Project & Launch Management

Market Engagement

Engage markets with compelling products & experiences

Ensure Regulatory Compliance

Manage Price Books & Enable Channels

Distribute & Optimize Product Information

Key Enablers of Product Value Management


Optimize decision-making with shared insights across product & commercial teams


Enable process efficiencies with contextual collaboration for all stakeholders


Engage markets & customers with compelling products & experiences

A single system of engagement across product and commercial teams

Unlock the Full Value of the Salesforce Platform

Salesforce + Propel combines product and customer data in a single platform configured to meet your individual needs.

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Bringing customers and products together helps deliver superior experiences that win customers for life

Workflow Automation
Across the Enterprise

Automate data flows, business processes and communication across your entire value chain to create speed and efficiency

Unmatched Business

Secure more design wins, get and stay compliant in global markets, enable sales channels with localized product catalogs.

Solutions by industry

High Tech

High Tech

Reduce delays and avoid downtime by effectively communicating the latest designs, supply chain data, and product information to your suppliers and contract manufacturers.

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Medical Devices

Medical Devices

Comply with various regulatory requirements while continuously improving product quality, safety, and customer satisfaction.

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Industrial Products

Industrial Products

Speed up time to market and respond to ever-changing market conditions more quickly with a comprehensive 360° view of the product lifecycle.

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Consumer Goods

Consumer Goods

Drive customer satisfaction by incorporating customer feedback sooner into the product lifecycle. Ensure your product will meet target costs and avoid supply chain constraints.

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Solutions by needs

New Product
Development (NPD) and Introduction (NPI)

Efficient product development and introduction is key to capturing marketshare and maximizing profits. Speed all facets of NPD and NPI including product design, onboarding suppliers, and enabling distribution channels.

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Quality Management

Resolve customer complaints up to 30% faster, improve quality before a product ships, and automate sales response throughout the process.

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Supplier Management

Supplier management is the process for creating and administering relationships with external organizations that provide materials and services. From onboarding and contract management, to secure data access, incoming quality and performance management, effective supplier management drives value for your organization.

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Product Commercialization

A great product doesn’t guarantee commercial success. Enabling sales channels with timely and accurate product information is critical to hit margin and revenue targets. Utilizing a single platform for PLM and commercialization speeds new products to market and to ROI.

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IT Consolidation

Increase business agility, improve security, and simplify your IT stack by deploying PLM, QMS, CRM, and ERP on a single platform that can easily connect to other enterprise solutions.

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Legacy PLM and QMS replacement

Reduce maintenance costs up to 100% and be ready for tomorrow by switching from legacy PLM and QMS platforms that focus on the problems of yesterday.

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Product Value Management

Shared insights to optimize decision-making.
Contextual collaboration to speed process flow.
Market engagement to drive financial success.

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