Collaborate seamlessly.
Speed time to market.

Purpose-built collaboration for diverse and distributed suppliers drives efficiency across all teams. Context-based access, insight, and action benefits the entire product life cycle, even as supply networks are challenged to adapt and change to global economic impacts.

Protect IP

Enable secure, authenticated user access to PLM and QMS

Ensure Product Quality

Command brand premium status

Mitigate Supplier Risk

Anticipate disruptions and business continuity impacts

Launch Products Faster

Tighter collaboration results in quicker time to market

See Product Value Management in action

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Essential Capabilities

Supplier Qualification & Onboarding

Manage the process of evaluating, onboarding and re-qualification of suppliers & manufacturers as well as their parts that are approved for the product.  This also may include audits, inspections and supplier inputs to ensure compliance.
Performance is continually monitored for trends and thresholds across quality, delivery, compliance and risk metrics.

Supplier Quality & Performance

Manage supplier quality through well-defined quality workflows including CAPA, SCAR and Audit processes. Supplier performance requires verified training, AVL/AML management, and adherence to compliance standards.

Supplier Training

Utilize online testing to streamline global training and reduce time to test and certify suppliers.

Secure, Role-based Collaboration

Enable external access to parts, BOMs, and projects by authenticating assigned users to reduce cycle times, close the loop on product decisions, and reduce the risk of letting valuable IP into unverified hands.

BOM & Change Management

Fully define and evolve the BOM. Manage change intuitively with redlining, draft BOM’s, automated approvers and mobile notifications. Assess component risk with SiliconExpert grading.

Project Management

Accelerate development cycles by automating workflows and assigning tasks with rich context and direct links to product artifacts.

Formlabs Onboards New Suppliers in Record Time

  • Shave off 5+ weeks of prototype delivery time
  • Address and release over 150 engineering change orders in the first month
  • Spot and resolve issues earlier

"We knew this couldn’t scale with us as we are doubling in size every year and adding to our product portfolio."
- Danielle Class, Chief of Staff, Engineering

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