Product Quality

Design high-quality products while also acting quickly and decisively to remedy field or customer quality issues.

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The High Cost of Poor Product Quality

Poor quality leads to costly product returns, warranty expense, and recalls—not to mention the long-term damage to brand reputation and sales. Many quality issues are caused by outdated practices, including:
Reactive Quality Processes
Focusing on quality only after a faulty product ships is too late to save profits and a plummeting brand reputation.
Slow Issue Resolution
Siloed data and inefficient collaboration with engineering teams means longer times to fix customer problems.
Lack of Visibility
Product quality won’t improve without a closed loop across service, support, quality, and engineering.

Reduce Product Risk and Warranty Costs

Design for Quality

A single product thread extends collaboration and processes across the company, so quality teams can influence product designs with quality best practices. Improving quality before a product is built improves customer satisfaction and reduces costs associated with poor quality such as scrap and rework.

Faster Issue Resolution

A single product thread with contextualized collaboration allows quality, service, and engineering teams to accelerate root cause analyses and implement fixes faster. Once a problem component has been isolated, companies can quickly search where else it’s used to determine if corrective actions are needed elsewhere—before they even materialize.

Supplier Quality

Extend quality best practices to suppliers to ensure product standards are met across the supply chain. Easily identify suppliers with the highest quality scores and incorporate supply chain intelligence to choose higher quality components.
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More Capabilities
Document Management
Streamline document processes, enhance accessibility, and ensure version control with automated workflows that govern how documents are created, approved, secured, published, and accessed. Features include in-file text search, filters, e-signatures, and automated training.
Resolve root causes faster by connecting quality events to engineering and design, while aggregating issues into a Corrective and Preventive Action (CAPA) workflow process. Know what’s required by who and when, ensuring teams collaborate effectively and efficiently.
Training Management
Ensure compliance with all product usage guidelines and regulatory requirements by centralizing the planning, administration, and enforcement of training programs across employees and suppliers. Tailor programs by role so the right person has the right information.
Centralize non-conformance processes—including non-conformance reports (NCRs) and non-conforming material reports (NCMRs)—to identify, investigate, and resolve issues faster.
Customer Issue Resolution
Seamlessly connect and propagate customer cases to complaints, eliminating manual entry, duplication time, and errors. Issue traceability streamlines regulatory compliance while closed loop integration from service to quality to product reduces customer issue to resolution time.
Concept To Customer Solutions for Fast-Moving Product Companies
Propel PLM
Cloud-native, role-based, and easy-to-use product lifecycle management enables enterprise-wide collaboration so teams work smarter, faster, and better together.
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Propel PIM
Product information management unites marketing and manufacturing teams so they can engage customers with accurate, tailored product content in every channel.
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Propel QMS
Concept to customer quality management system improves part, process, and supplier quality to deliver safer products, happier customers, and increased profits.
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