Supply Chain and Production

Manage on-time delivery of high quality components while reducing costs—so your teams can meet product delivery and revenue growth targets.

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Managing Suppliers With Manual Processes Is Daunting
Supply chain and production teams are struggling to deliver in a world that demands better, cheaper products. Problems caused by constant supply chain disruptions and increasing margin pressures are exacerbated when coordination with product, sales, and finance takes place across different systems.
Cost Versus Quality
Tradeoffs between the cost and quality of components or suppliers make intelligent sourcing tricky.
Matching Supply and Demand
Order too little of a component and risk lost sales, but order too much and see margins drop.
Lack of Insights
Component availability, obsolescence, and quality are vital to planning but difficult to predict.
Propel Improves Quality
and Reduces Cost
Deeper connection and secure collaboration with suppliers helps address supply chain problems quickly and efficiently—before a product is built.
Supplier Collaboration
Secure collaboration decreases cost and minimizes the risk of IP theft and the inability to fulfill demand.
Component Intelligence
Identify the cost, quality, and availability of substitute electrical and mechanical components.
Component Quality
Improve product quality before build with comprehensive supplier quality tracking and controls.
Balance Supply and Demand
Easy connection to ERP systems helps ensure the right components are ordered at the right time.
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Full Supplier Visibility With Propel
Secure and Efficient
Identify, evaluate, select, and monitor suppliers to ensure the supply of quality goods and services. Share information and communicate with suppliers using a secure solution that’s accessible anywhere in the world, while mitigating supply chain risk by making informed decisions about electronic and mechanical components before a problem arises.
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Global Processes
Secure and maintain compliance with industry and regulatory mandates. Extend compliance processes across product development, go-to-market teams, and suppliers with a single data thread that speeds issue resolution and helps ensure compliance before a product is built.
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Get to market faster
Create products your customers want by connecting people and teams using a single product data thread from concept to customer. Robust visibility of customer and financial data coupled with automated process flows across all teams ensure that products hit profit margins and are launched on time.
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Win More Deals
Coordinate between customers, sales, engineering, and product teams to quote and deliver custom products that exceed profit margin targets. Product teams can use existing designs to accelerate development timelines, while access to real-time component cost information allows precise BOM cost roll-ups to ensure quotes meet profitability goals.
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Reduce Risk and Cost
Design high-quality products while also acting quickly and decisively to remedy field or customer issues. A single product thread with contextualized collaboration allows quality, service, and engineering teams to design better products, accelerate root cause analyses, and implement fixes faster.
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Propel is able to extend that environment out and make sure that your partners are also operating from the same core system of record.
Jeff Faulkner | VP Operations | Samsara
Propel is helping Desktop Metal manage very complex and advanced products that will change how engineers bring products to market.
Matt Verminski | VP of Engineering | Desktop Metal
At a moment's notice, we can see the pulse of where our quality system lies. My management review process has gone from 5 days to a 5 minute report.
Donielle Baudin | Director of Quality | Imperative Care
Propel’s PVM platform is beyond compelling. It’s fundamentally essential to understand how our design impacts value.
Daniel Voit | CEO | Blentech