Custom Product Development

Coordinate between customers, sales, engineering, and product teams to quote and deliver custom products that exceed profit margin targets.

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Siloed Systems Kill Speed and Accuracy

Engineer to order (ETO) products require close collaboration between sales, engineering, and finance—which is difficult when each uses their own system. Challenges include:
Lost Revenue
Teams lose deals when complex customer requirements take longer to gather than RFPs allow.
Missed Delivery Dates
Project management and collaboration is hindered when sales and marketing are not connected.
Missed Profit Targets
Lack of visibility to real-time supplier information and cost leads to inaccurate quotes.

Propel Connects Teams for ETO Success

One Team

A single product thread with automated processes across product and commercial teams ensures frictionless collaboration with accurate data across the entire company. Product teams can use existing designs to accelerate timelines while iterating on customer requirements directly with sales teams—leading to faster and more accurate quotes.

Project Management

Custom products require rigorous project management due to their complexity and individual nature. Multiple teams can be managed in parallel with product development to ensure deadlines, resource allocations, and decision-making are all centrally coordinated and working in concert to deliver projects on time and within budget.

Accurate Financial Info

Access to real-time component cost information allows precise BOM cost roll-ups to ensure quotes meet profitability targets. Sales and engineering can efficiently collaborate to make decisions on higher cost versus lower risk component suppliers—and ensure risk is accurately reflected in the final customer quote.
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More Capabilities
Custom Proposal Development
Reduce complexity of product development by seamlessly integrating CRM, CPQ, and ERP with PLM. Integrated change management, flexible BOM management, and integrated project management between sales, engineering, and finance allows you to quote quickly and accurately.
Customer and Market Requirements
Ensure product teams have access to the needs, expectations, and preferences of customers, the broader market, and regulatory mandates so they can build the right products for the right buyers.
Design Reuse
Quickly find equivalent design components so engineers can evaluate performance, quality, and customer satisfaction history while comparing cost across components and suppliers to make the best design choices.
Project Management
Consolidate all needed information to create a single source of product truth for faster development, and on-demand project visibility for all stakeholders with tasks tied directly to product definition.
Document Management
Streamline document processes, enhance accessibility, and ensure version control with automated workflows that govern how documents are created, approved, secured, published, and accessed. Features include in-file text search, filters, e-signatures, and automated training.
Concept To Customer Solutions for Fast-Moving Product Companies
Propel PLM
Cloud-native, role-based, and easy-to-use product lifecycle management enables enterprise-wide collaboration so teams work smarter, faster, and better together.
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Propel PIM
Product information management unites marketing and manufacturing teams so they can engage customers with accurate, tailored product content in every channel.
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Propel QMS
Concept to customer quality management system improves part, process, and supplier quality to deliver safer products, happier customers, and increased profits.
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