Supplier Management

Identify, evaluate, select, and monitor suppliers to ensure the supply of quality goods and services.

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Supplier Problems Create Unhappy Customers and Lost Revenue

From interrupted supply chains to incorrect orders to poor quality components—it only takes one supplier issue to stop a product from going to market and damaging your brand reputation.
Poor Supplier Performance
Supplier quality problems can kill hard fought cost savings and damage brand reputation for years.
Component Shortages
A single delayed component can have a huge impact, causing lost sales and reducing market share.
Collaboration Barriers
Email and spreadsheets are slow, prone to costly data entry errors, and increase the risk of IP theft.

Secure and Efficient Supplier Management

Integrated Collaboration

Share information and communicate with suppliers using a secure solution that’s accessible anywhere in the world. Control exactly which product information is available to individual suppliers while maintaining audit trails for regulatory agencies and sustainability goals.

Component Insights

Mitigate supply chain risk by making informed decisions about components before a problem arises. Intelligence focused on cost, quality, compliance, and availability provides the breadth and depth of information needed to adjust sourcing strategies and keep product lines running.

Supplier Quality

Improve product quality before a product is even built by closely tracking supplier quality and resolving issues faster. Understanding exactly where a component is used across your entire product line—including its full quality history—combined with component insights allows you to choose suppliers with the best quality and help existing suppliers address quality issues quickly.
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More Capabilities
Supplier Collaboration
Communicate and share information with suppliers and other external partners using a secure platform that is easy to use and can be accessed anywhere. All parties use the same data to ensure accuracy, speed, and data protection.
Address and resolve non-conformance and product quality issues using integrated Supplier Corrective Action Requests (SCARs). Automated workflows and complete product data records ensure suppliers can quickly learn of the problem and take the proper action to fix it.
Supplier Evaluations
Improve component quality and mitigate risk with proactive supplier risk analysis embedded into the same system used for design. Comprehensive reporting and analytics helps ensure a healthy and productive supply chain.
Supplier Onboarding
Quickly and efficiently work with new partners by extended key processes throughout the supply chain, including training, collaboration, quality processes, compliance processes, and documentation.
Supplier Qualification
Assess and select suppliers who meet product, cost, and quality standards. Conduct site audits using standardized processes and requalify existing suppliers as needed to maintain a healthy and high-quality supply chain.
Concept To Customer Solutions for Fast-Moving Product Companies
Propel PLM
Cloud-native, role-based, and easy-to-use product lifecycle management enables enterprise-wide collaboration so teams work smarter, faster, and better together.
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Propel PIM
Product information management unites marketing and manufacturing teams so they can engage customers with accurate, tailored product content in every channel.
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Propel QMS
Concept to customer quality management system improves part, process, and supplier quality to deliver safer products, happier customers, and increased profits.
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