Compliance Management

Secure and maintain compliance with industry, government, and regulatory mandates.

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Disjointed Compliance Processes Put Revenue At Risk

Regulations vary greatly across geographic markets, governments, and industry agencies—and they change often. Compliance teams are struggling to manage:
Complex Regulations
It’s difficult to achieve, maintain, and track different regulatory requirements across all markets.
Time-Consuming Audits
When data is stored across different systems, audits and investigations burn valuable resources.
Profit Margin Pressures
Achieving regulatory compliance can be expensive and unprofitable, considering employees’ time and effort.

Mitigate Compliance Risk With Propel

Reduce product and corporate risk

Positively impact customer satisfaction, cost reduction, and new market entry by gathering global requirements in a central place, and enforcing them across product, sales, and service teams. Connecting product, customer, and compliance data on a single platform makes issue resolution much faster.

Gracefully Navigate Audits

A single product data thread across the entire company makes vital data traceable and easy to find. Audits are easier to pass and require far less time, freeing up valuable resources to focus on customers and product development.

Achieve Efficiency Through Automation

Do more with fewer allocated resources by automating regulatory processes such as sustainability, REACH, RoHS, FDA MedWatch, Global Product Registration and Electronic Instructions for Use. Incorporating these processes in a single platform makes it easy to find data and simplifies workflow automation for increased efficiency.
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More Capabilities
Materials Compliance
Ensure products and supply chain partners comply with environmental, sustainability, and safety regulations, including Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS), Registration, Evaluation, Authorization, and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH), and electronic equipment disposal.
Digital Regulatory Submissions
Automatically propagate case information into MedWatch 3500A electronic form, including e-submissions to FDA ESG, acknowledgement receipts (ACKs), and full audit history. Review submissions by product line, location, and date ranges to research and prepare for corrections and fixes.
Product Packaging
Ensure key regulatory information is included with all product labeling and user materials, including product safety, sustainability, environmental, and any industry-specific regulations. Include key information from supply chain partners as needed.
Document Management
Streamline document processes, enhance accessibility, and ensure version control with automated workflows that govern how documents are created, approved, secured, published, and accessed. Features include in-file text search, filters, e-signatures, and automated training.
Supplier Onboarding
Quickly and efficiently work with new partners by extending key processes throughout the supply chain, including training, collaboration, quality processes, compliance processes, and documentation.
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