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Deliver the connected, modern, and secure technology stack the business needs to win customers for life.

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Supporting the Demanding and Changing Needs of the Business Is Tough
Product companies need different teams to collaborate and share data to move quickly, but that’s not easy when those teams rely on solutions built on different platforms with different data structures and different architectures. With limited resources focused on multiple core needs—including data security, collaboration, and performance—IT departments are struggling to meet the needs of their business leaders.
Security and Privacy
Robust data security can be undone when intellectual property is shared via email or spreadsheets in shared folders.
Alignment and Collaboration
Automated process flows and communication across teams breaks down when each uses different systems with weak integrations.
Scalability and Performance
Disparate systems require integrations that use valuable resources and can fail with increased loads.
Connect Users On The Salesforce Platform
Propel inherits all the modern cloud capabilities of the SaaS platform trusted by over 150,000 companies worldwide.
Security and Scalability
Infrastructure, network, and application security to protect your intellectual property and privacy.
Product 360 + Customer 360
Propel natively connects to Salesforce Clouds without integrations to automate data and workflows.
Low Code / No Code
Gain efficiency and speed by empowering users to configure the solution to their individual needs.
Easy To Use
A modern workforce needs a modern and intuitive user interface to maximize productivity.
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The biggest hurdle to business transformation is not knowing where to begin
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Create Profitable Products With Propel
Get To Market Faster
Create products your customers want by connecting people and teams using a single product data thread from concept to customer. Robust visibility of customer and financial data coupled with automated process flows across all teams ensure that products hit profit margins and are launched on time.
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Secure and Efficient
Identify, evaluate, select, and monitor suppliers to ensure the supply of quality goods and services. Share information and communicate with suppliers using a secure solution that’s accessible anywhere in the world, while mitigating supply chain risk by making informed decisions about electronic and mechanical components before a problem arises.
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Global Processes
Secure and maintain compliance with industry and regulatory mandates. Extend compliance processes across product development, go-to-market teams, and suppliers with a single data thread that speeds issue resolution and helps ensure compliance before a product is built.
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Reduce Risk and Cost
Design high-quality products while also acting quickly and decisively to remedy field or customer issues. A single product thread with contextualized collaboration allows quality, service, and engineering teams to design better products, accelerate root cause analyses, and implement fixes faster.
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Fast, Accurate, and Easy
Arm marketing and sales with product information needed to hit launch dates and revenue targets. Commercial and product teams can work in parallel to ensure sales and marketing efforts are started as early as possible, while real-time product data ensures customers are presented with compelling experiences and accurate information.
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Propel is able to extend that environment out and make sure that your partners are also operating from the same core system of record.
Jeff Faulkner | VP Operations | Samsara
Propel is helping Desktop Metal manage very complex and advanced products that will change how engineers bring products to market.
Matt Verminski | VP of Engineering | Desktop Metal
At a moment's notice, we can see the pulse of where our quality system lies. My management review process has gone from 5 days to a 5 minute report.
Donielle Baudin | Director of Quality | Imperative Care
Propel’s PVM platform is beyond compelling. It’s fundamentally essential to understand how our design impacts value.
Daniel Voit | CEO | Blentech