Salesforce Platform

PLM, QMS, and PIM built on the #1 business platform in the world.

AI-powered Low Code / No Code Cloud

Propel is built on the Salesforce platform, and our solutions incorporate all the capabilities of its scalable, secure and easy to use cloud infrastructure. By improving team communications and productivity, Salesforce helps teams work better together so businesses can drive greater success. This is core to Propel’s DNA, and our customers benefit from the same platform used by over 150,000 companies worldwide to digitally transform their business and grow revenue.
Unlock the Benefits of a Modern Cloud
Power and flexibility for product companies
Industry-leading security
Companies of all industries and sizes around the world trust Salesforce to protect their data.
Low code / no code
Maximize user efficiency and satisfaction with fast configuration changes and a modern user interface.
Artificial intelligence
Use generative AI and Einstein GPT to transform your business and boost efficiency.
Easy administration
Your existing Salesforce administrator can easily manage both Propel and Salesforce.
Work more effectively
with your entire value chain
Commitment to customer trust
Security, performance and transparency are vital to Salesforce. Their cybersecurity professionals work across all clouds and common security controls to ensure customers know their data is safe, and theirs — to be accessed when, where, and how they intend.
Fast and flexible configurations
Extensive configuration options allow you to set up the platform without custom development, and those configurations can be quickly updated by users with clicks instead of code. Salesforce's modern interface is built for today's workforce, with an intuitive and productive user experience that allows employees to work efficiently and maximizes user satisfaction.
Extend to any industry or department
Connect data and processes across your value chain with over 7,000 solutions on the AppExchange. Need functionality beyond existing Salesforce Clouds or AppExchange partners? Propel’s platform has you covered. Seamlessly connect with enterprise applications in the cloud or on-premise using Salesforce's modern integration infrastructure.
Large pool of employees and partners
With over 130,000 credentialed Salesforce experts that include developers, partners and administrators, it’s easy to find the right people to launch and maintain Propel. And your employees will thank you for helping them build skills that are applicable to thousands of other companies built on the Salesforce platform.
Built for today, ready for tomorrow
Salesforce's multi-tenant cloud runs on a single code base, enabling every customer to run their business on the latest release without disruption. Hundreds of new features and functionality are released each year and benefit all customers immediately.
How is the Propel cloud solution different from other cloud offerings?
When selecting a cloud solution, it’s important to understand if the solution is truly multi-tenant or is simply hosted in a data center like Amazon Web Services or Azure. A multi-tenant cloud solution like Propel offers cost efficiency by sharing resources across multiple users, leading to lower operational costs. It ensures scalability, enabling easy resource adjustments to meet varying demands. Enhanced updates and maintenance are streamlined across all tenants, providing robust security and up-to-date services. Conversely, solutions that are hosted in a data center simply reduce hardware support costs, but lack the architectural and operational benefits that a true, modern multi-tenant application provides.
Propel runs on the Salesforce platform.  Do I need to already have Salesforce to use Propel?  Do I need to also buy Salesforce licenses?
No. Propel is deployed with what is called an “OEM embedded” license. This means that the system is completely self-contained and does not require the customer to be an existing Salesforce user or to buy any Salesforce licenses. 
Do we need to hire a Salesforce administrator to manage Propel?
No. Note that for any PLM system, there will be some level of necessary administration. Typical administrative tasks include provisioning users, creating or modifying workflows, and maintaining reports and dashboards. In Propel, most administration tasks are done within the user interface without the need to write code. Propel also leverages the Salesforce platform for some configuration settings. Many of our customers find that their Propel admin is perfectly capable of doing this work – even if they are brand new to the job of being a PLM admin!

In addition, many companies already have Salesforce admins on their team who are well equipped to provide support. Lastly, there are thousands of readily available online resources to enable any new user or administrator to be self-sufficient.
Is Propel able to work in a GovCloud environment?
Yes. GovCloud environments are available for customers that require ITAR, FedRAMP, or DoD IL2, IL4, or IL5 compliance. Note that GovCloud is NOT a requirement to deploy Propel.