Quality is a strategic source of
value for product companies

With Propel, quality is a core aspect of the product definition, woven throughout all roles and processes: planning & design, sourcing & production, sales & service.

Propel drives continuous quality improvements by addressing part, product, process, and supplier quality. The results: Better, safer products. Happier customers. And higher profits.



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Less effort to achieve compliance


Faster product launches

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Key Propel QMS Capabilities

Customer complaints

Garner customer delight with complaint management that’s integrated and easy-to-use from intake to investigation, resolutions to regulatory requirements. Automate your compliance and regulatory needs through global decision trees so you can submit your required agency reports on time with lower risk. Seamlessly keep your CRM in sync with the latest investigation updates so your sales and service teams can stay proactive and ensure customer satisfaction.

Adverse event reporting

Fully automate reporting through decision trees, regulated agencies tracking, support for electronic MedWatch FDA 3500A Form, and one-click submission. Keep track of the outbound electronic eSubmission package and all acknowledgements as proof for audits of reporting compliance.


Enable your workforce to avoid product recalls, reduce cost of quality, and increase customer satisfaction by managing non-conformances for your processes and products in an uncomplicated, connected system. Integrate your Quality data and Disposition decisions easily to your ERP and PLM systems so you can streamline actions, limit impact, and swiftly enable resolutions to your non-conformances and unplanned deviations.


Detect, investigation, and take action against root causes, and fix them across your products and processes to continuously improve your business with a straightforward system that’s ready to go on day one. Get visibility into the causes, impact across the enterprise, and resolution status of your corrective and preventive actions, all in the same screen.

Risk management

Assess, control, and monitor risk across your products, processes, projects, and partners.
Identify risk trends and resolve them proactively across product lines with data-driven design changes.   Collaborate on risk files and assessments in real-time in a secure, single source of truth.

Audit management

Quality Audits made comfortable.
Ensure pristine performance with a compliant system that enables you to proactively prepare for all your audits and inspections.
Planning makes perfect - stay on top of and in control of your audit schedules, checklists, and reports.
Trust a proven system that’s effective and flexible to handle your external, internal, and supplier audits.

Document management

Improve your document management productivity, security, and compliance. Effectively collaborate on a single source of truth to increase throughput and eliminate inefficient data silos. Increase productivity by ensuring your workforce has proper access to the correct data automatically. Streamline compliance at scale with automated training and audit trail archiving so you will always be prepared for your next audit.

Training records management

Confidently pass audits and improve workforce safety across the enterprise with clear visibility into training, certification, and competency. Streamline training on your product changes and process updates with role-based training, automated retraining, and competency quizzes. Easily demonstrate regulatory compliance with full employee training transcripts and up-to-date training analytics.

Compliance management

Comply with regulations and industry standards such as  ISO 13485, FDA 21 CFR Part 820, 21 CFR Part 11, ISO 9001 and EU MDR.  Modern tools to manage your DHF, DMR and Technical Files from concept to implementation and post-market.  Manage compliance with secure electronic signatures, password security, audit trails of each action, and risk incorporated in processes.  Validation pack with executed IQ and OQ and template PQ scripts for all processes which customers can pull when ready.

eIFU (Instructions for Use)

Collaboratively manage the IFU throughout the entire product lifecycle. Publish accurate and localized versions of IFUs in the regions where the device is sold.
Eliminate errors typically associated with manual information entry and system integration.

Product registration

Manage & track global product registrations and licensing for the countries in which you sell. Accurately plan, design & forecast product and sales into new markets. Streamline registration creation, maintenance, expiration and renewal. Ensure compliance, understand global impacts, and minimize inventory disruption.

Supplier management

Manage the evaluation, onboarding and re-qualification of suppliers and manufacturers and their approved parts for the product. Ensure compliance with audits, inspections and supplier inputs. Strengthen supplier collaboration to quickly resolve product and supply chain issues, minimize the risk of noncompliance, and improve product quality. Understand preferred and alternate sources, field replaceable units (FRU), cost parameters, and part availability.


Collaboration with Accountability -- drive your supply chain quality and performance with automated requests, notifications, and action plans. Easily trace between your designs, procedures, and partners to proactively resolve potential customer issues and increase margins.

Equipment calibration & maintenance

Keep your investments accurate and active to ensure Return on Invested Capital (ROIC).
Automatically schedule, delegate, and execute calibration and maintenance to reduce repair costs and keep downtime minimized. Seamless integration to Non-conformances and CAPA modules keeps your workforce safe and compliant.


Track trends and correct problems before they show up downstream in the hands of your customers. Manage inbound part quality and decrease risk of non-conformances with swift and simple Inspection management that ties to your suppliers, manufacturers, partners, and distributors. Leverage real-time analytics to trace inbound quality throughout your CRM, ERP, and PLM, and automate supplier qualification and audits.

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  • Completely redesigned 7 major processes to increase automation and traceability
  • Removed 30-45 days from the case to complaint process
  • Automated stop shipments across multiple DCs serving 130 countries
  • Connected global product registrations to their order entry systems
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