Field Service Enablement

Maintain high customer satisfaction and contain costs by ensuring field service teams have the right product and customer information at all times.

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Accurate Installed Product Data Can Be Hard To Find

Capturing customer issues, responding to inquiries and concerns, and resolving complaints is next to impossible when service teams don’t have accurate data on the products their customers are using.
As-Maintained BOMs
Service costs more when you can’t track a product’s specific history and replaced components.
Product Updates
Evolving products and recalls can cause havoc for service teams if product manuals are not up to date.
Customer Specifics
Efficiency suffers if you can’t track how each customer uses your products and trains their employees.

Connect Service, Customer, and Product Teams

Design for Serviceability

Optimize product design utilizing field replaceable units, ensuring planning for spares and developing service documentation for post-deployment use. Changes to assemblies due to quality and performance issues can be flagged on field assets, enabling technicians to repair, replace, or upgrade fielded products.

Accurate Product Manuals

Provide the most up-to-date product documentation in a secure and easy-to-use cloud portal where users can access specific documents using filters like product, revisions, countries, and languages. Source of truth is managed in a change-controlled compliant system, while service documentation can be authored and managed along with the product.

Integrated Customer Info

Customer and product info goes hand in hand for service teams—so having easy access to both is key to a seamless customer experience. Integrated processes that extend across service, sales, and product teams ensure service issues are addressed quickly and efficiently, while meeting specific customer needs.
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More Capabilities
BOM Management
Evolve products with multiple BOM views, draft BOMs, and redlines. Capture tribal knowledge and access design history through contextual communications tied directly to product artifacts.
Design for Serviceability
Improve the speed and cost of servicing products by designing serviceable parts (Field Replaceable Units) which can be manufactured and stocked independently. Changes to assemblies can be flagged on field assets, enabling technicians to upgrade or upsell items in the field.
Document Publishing
Provide documents electronically and securely in a cloud portal with simple administration for permissions and level of access. Automatically post the latest approved revisions on a common platform to ensure everybody knows where to find the single source of truth.
Training Management
Ensure compliance with all product usage guidelines and regulatory requirements by centralizing the planning, administration, and enforcement of training programs across employees and suppliers. Tailor programs by role so the right person has the right information.
Product Information Distribution
Dynamically adapt existing product content to channel-specific formats for scalable, fast-paced growth. Notify marketers of product changes to ensure assets are updated, while closed-loop feedback from sales and service teams ensures visibility and fast resolution of channel issues.
Concept To Customer Solutions for Fast-Moving Product Companies
Propel PLM
Cloud-native, role-based, and easy-to-use product lifecycle management enables enterprise-wide collaboration so teams work smarter, faster, and better together.
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Propel PIM
Product information management unites marketing and manufacturing teams so they can engage customers with accurate, tailored product content in every channel.
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Propel QMS
Concept to customer quality management system improves part, process, and supplier quality to deliver safer products, happier customers, and increased profits.
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