Customers are Switching Brands to Get the Experience They Want

54% of all consumers would stop using a brand after just one bad experience. Millennials are the most likely to do so at 57%.

24% of consumers will break up with a brand over inconsistent or obsolete online product information.

58% of consumers have recently switched from a brand they love to its competitor.

47% want enhanced product experiences like online communities or how-to videos.

Consumer expectations of their favorite brands?
40% affordability
38% experience (online presence, in-person events)
35% sustainability
30% related products that work together

What defines an enhanced brand experience?
42% High quality
39% Affordability
36% Innovation

Consumers Long for Content, Consistency and Communication

The truth is, a customer’s experience - and the underlying product content that supports it - will make or break your brand. Conflicting information in any channel could lead to a lost sale. Keeping product information consistent and accurate in every sales channel should be top of mind with marketers.

Two-thirds of consumers now expect brands to engage with them well after the sale, anticipate their needs, and rectify bad experiences quickly. Companies that get this right are on the fast track to gain and retain more customers than their slower competitors.

Brands need to become better listeners, reevaluating how they develop their products based on consumers’ needs, from finding innovative ways to increase affordability to offering subscription-based add-ons.

Quality is King

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