Benefits of Closing the Loop Between Quality and Product Development

Benefits to Expect From Merging Quality and Product Development

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Key Takeaways

Learn how a collaborative, closed-loop system for managing product development and quality helps medical device manufacturers:

  • Reduce the risk of fines, delays, and lost sales due to non-compliance
  • Reduce costly errors and rework
  • Shorten time to market by up to 75%
  • Establish unparalleled synchronization between engineering, operations, sales, and service
  • Increase customer and patient loyalty

About This Resource

PLM isn't just for engineers anymore. Just like QMS isn't only focused on helping QA teams manage their own quality processes anymore. To navigate changing regulations and improve quality before shipping, you must integrate quality and compliance with product design. Taking a closed-loop approach makes it easier to stay compliant with changing regulations, design for quality, and deliver better patient outcomes.

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