AMS Technologies has been a leading solution provider of high-tech components, systems and equipment, serving more than 2000 customers across Europe. Since its founding over 30 years ago, AMS Technologies has evolved from primarily distributing standard components to also developing customized optical, thermal and power management solutions.

Greater Customer & Partner Responsiveness

Higher Employee Productivity

Lower IT Costs & Admin Overhead


With the recent evolution towards custom-engineered solutions, it has become more critical for the company to coordinate its project managers, technical consultants, software developers, electronics, optical and mechanical engineers scattered across Europe. The lack of a common, engineering-friendly application made it challenging for its design teams to be able to easily share product designs, stay informed of the latest changes, and document design decisions. Furthermore, with its custom-engineered solutions, AMS Technologies needs to involve its customers more directly throughout the product development process.


AMS Technologies deployed Propel because they wanted a Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) application that could be customer-facing, easy to use for dispersed teams, and seamlessly integrated with their Salesforce system. Because Propel is built 100% on Salesforce App Cloud, AMS Technologies now has one place to track all sales, customer and solution information from initial opportunity through to final released version.

Improved Engineering Collaboration: Engineers are using Propel as the single place to capture all the detailed design information that define their custom-engineered solutions, including hardware designs, software releases, manufacturing data, and documentation. Since Propel is built on Salesforce, engineers can now redline Bills of Materials (BOMs) in the cloud, use Chatter to engage in threaded discussions, and route engineering changes no matter where they are.

Greater Transparency for Customers: Besides promoting internal collaboration, AMS Technologies wants to drive the same level of transparency towards its customers. By having real-time access to the latest engineering updates, customers can see how their solutions are progressing, collaborate with the team, make recommendations and approve solutions.

Better Insights into Customers: Because Propel is a 100% native Salesforce solution, everyone is able to view all product, customer, service and sales information in a single Salesforce deployment. Now, the company can see all product updates that impact their customers, including RMAs, service calls, new solutions and more – so it can be more responsive to their customers’ needs.

"With Propel, AMS Technologies can work much more closely with our customers to deliver innovative custom engineered solutions they need to succeed."ƒ - Jan Meise, CEO AMS Technologies