Imperative Care

Imperative Care is speeding new answers to stroke by developing a portfolio of innovative solutions to address the vast and urgent unmet needs in stroke care. The company is singularly dedicated to improving the way stroke is treated by advancing medical technology, equipping healthcare providers to evolve best practices and elevate the standard of care for stroke patients. In December 2019, Imperative Care raised $85 million to accelerate its aggressive growth and support the commercial launch of its products.


As a medical device manufacturer, deploying a dedicated, scalable quality management system was essential to maintaining compliance across the product lifecycle as the company continued to scale both their workforce and product portfolio. Supporting a remote workforce made their paper-based change approval process all the more challenging.

We needed to be able to see if an item has been related to any quality incidents before it made its way into the next part.

Donielle Baudin

Director of Quality


Propel provides Imperative Care with a closed-loop PLM and QMS solution from design to final product in one single cloud-native platform used by the entire organization. Propel is the hub for all product data and quality information, complete with dashboards, reporting, approvals, workflows, change orders, contextual collaboration, training records and more.

With Propel we have PLM and QMS together in one system so we now have immediate visual access and a hyperlink into what problems might exist.

Donielle Baudin

Director of Quality


Propel’s closed-loop platform helps Imperative Care get their products to market faster, maximize customer satisfaction and safety, and maintain compliance across any regulatory environment. Imperative Care is able to address stroke care needs by utilizing a cloud-native, closed-loop platform for the entire product lifecycle.

Faster Time to Market

Reduced cycle time from 20 to 30-minutes per document to 3 mouse clicks

From 5 days to 5 minutes

Streamlined and improved management review process

Global Access

Remote access to entire product lifecycle from any device or region

Integrated PLM & QMS

Completely integrated PLM and QMS solution on single, unified platform