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Propel Introduces Composable Architecture to PLM and QMS to Accelerate Enterprise Product Collaboration

October 13, 2022

Launch Future-proofs Tech Investment for Product Companies with Modernized User Experience and Low Code Framework for Limitless Flexibility

SANTA CLARA, Calif., October 12, 2022 - Propel Software today announced enhancements to its product value management (PVM) platform, delivered with the Winter 2023 release, that streamline business productivity, providing any company with the tools needed to achieve product success. Moving to Salesforce’s Lightning Web Components (LWC) user interface (UI), Propel now offers product companies a best-in-class user experience through a highly-composable solution that supports nearly infinite customer scenarios, rather than a limited set of use cases. 

Salesforce LWC are technologies that make it easier to create user experiences with clicks instead of code. These easy-to-use frameworks form a web stack that gives business users the flexibility to personalize experiences without the need for programming. Key benefits of LWC include unlimited flexibility to build custom UI components, enhanced security, and access to a wide collection of templates including easy-to-digest, reusable coding modules and LWC recipes.

Gartner reported in its July 2022 Market Guide for PLM Software in Discrete Manufacturing Industries that, “Composable architectures work best with open APIs and low-code application platform visual environments that enable enterprise developers and citizen developers to drag and drop application components, connect them together, and create mobile or web apps.” 

“LWC delivers that exact functionality - something that has not been possible with PLM until today,” stated Eric Schrader, Chief Product Officer at Propel.

The Gartner report also predicts that, “By the end 2025, 30% of available PLM applications will be built on top of composable technologies.” 

“Propel customers don’t need to wait that long. The move to LWC provides composability now,” Schrader continued, “It adds fuel to our pace of innovation and allows us to deliver robust and timely customer solutions for today’s dynamic business environment.”

Propel’s Winter 2023 release highlights include: 

  • Clicks, not code - create business user functions without developer assistance, with no programming required. Work functions are customized and organized across multiple tabs, and rearranged according to user preference. Each record type, or user profile, can be configured according to specific needs. 
  • Quick navigation - review part details without launching new browser tabs or windows and make changes by viewing and navigating all affected items in one place, and quickly filter information to a specific criteria.
  • Customizable components - build components using the Salesforce LWC Component library, and mix and match custom built components with those from Propel and Salesforce.
  • Enhanced user engagement - specific, role-based user interfaces improve customer experience for casual and power users with more intuitive, less overwhelming user environments.
  • Improved collaboration - create and deploy custom applications quickly to fuel richer partner and supplier collaboration. 
  • Streamlined processes - create dual signatures for training assignments, and watermarking for Cloud documents such as GSuite or Office 365.

These new product value management capabilities are currently available to all Propel users. For more information about Propel, visit

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Propel Software helps product companies grow revenue and increase business value. Our product value management platform connects commercial and product teams to optimize decision making, drive process efficiencies, and engage customers with compelling products and experiences. Propel has a proven track record of improving product quality, speeding time to revenue and profit, and improving customer satisfaction. Recognized as a Deloitte Technology Fast 500 winner, Propel is built on Salesforce and drives product success for hyper growth startups, corporate pioneers, and Fortune 500 leaders in the high tech, medtech, and consumer goods industries. For more information, visit and follow us on LinkedIn.


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