Finding the Right Quality Management System (QMS)

Improve Quality From Concept to Customer

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Key Takeaways

Unlike other quality management systems, Propel provides the ability to:

  • Capture quality issues in the field and feed them into preconfigured workflows
  • Feed customer complaints and quality processes directly to engineers so they can quickly resolve issues
    Reduce errors by eliminating manual data entry
  • Track compliance of items to regulatory and environmental specifications

About This Resource

Propel provides the only quality management solution that seamlessly connects to your CRM and PLM for a true closed loop that can quickly resolve your product issues, quality processes, and customer complaints in the field. Our comprehensive platform eliminates manual data entry, siloed departmental processes, and rigid software configurations that can hamper even the best companies. Learn more about Propel's QMS solution by watching our explainer video.

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Propel's PLM software is built to help companies, big and small, get their products to market quicker than ever before with one unified platform for collaboration across the value chain.

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