Product Value Management in the Age of Disruption

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In this webinar, part of our Converged Live series, Propel's VP of Product Marketing Tom Shoemaker is joined by CIMdata's President & CEO Peter Bilello to get his take on the new approach called product value management (PVM). Plus, a story from a customer, Meyer Sound's Manager of Quality Assurance Chris Conner, to speak to how PVM works in action.

Together, they get to the bottom of why traditional enterprise software solutions do not adequately support the creation and capture of value—and let you in on how to enhance your product lifecycle with product value management (PVM).


🟠 The impacts of disruption on the design, sale, and service of products

🟠 Do-or-die importance of staying connected to customers over the product lifecycle

🟠 How PVM redefines product lifecycle processes for fast-moving companies

For more from Tom, check out his previous webinar, "Righting the Wrongs of PLM."

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