Why Propel for High Tech?

In high tech, innovation, agility and time to market are critical. Only Propel makes it easy for everyone, including suppliers, quality and customer service to all work together. Whether it’s a new product introduction, an engineering change order or a service issue, Propel provides a single platform and automation to help your teams work faster.

Business Benefits


Faster Time to Market


Faster Customer Issue Resolution


Margin Increase

Product 360: The Modern Way to Take Products from Concept to Customer

Propel is the only platform that manages the full concept to customer lifecycle

Comprehensive PLM capabilities

Design with cost and quality data at engineering’s fingertips

A single platform for quality, engineering and customer service to resolve issues faster

Streamline compliance by tracking supplier performance, and non-conformances

Accelerate market entry by managing product registrations and eIFUs

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Propel is Used by Leaders Across High Tech

High Tech Use Cases

Streamline and automate new product introductions

Closed-loop enterprise quality on single platform

Supplier management and component part reporting

Maintain compliance across global markets

The Only Product and Quality Platform Built on Salesforce

  • Product, Quality, Sales and Service All on One Platform
  • Highly Secure and Scalable
  • Flexible and Configurable to Meet Your Growing Needs
  • Powerful Mobile and Analytics Capabilities
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