Case-to-Complaint Management

Build quality into product design with a closed loop system linking cases to complaints and identifying quality issues at every stage of the product lifecycle to speed resolution, ensure product safety and customer satisfaction.

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Resolve Complaints Faster with a Closed-Loop Approach

Leading manufacturers embrace customer complaints as a valued means to monitor the quality of products and provide feedback to the design, manufacturing, technical support, sales and marketing teams.

But linking complaints to cases and product data is not easy. Challenges include disparate systems, manual processes of logging complaints, and lack of visibility between complaint data and quality issues..

But done well, customer complaint management can streamline issue resolution, improve customer satisfaction, and improve quality for current and future products.

Improved Product Safety and Quality

Find and resolve quality issues sooner with customer feedback.

Better Product Margins

Grow profits by continuously improving processes and new product designs.

Higher Customer Satisfaction

Increase market share and customer loyalty with great products and service.

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Key Propel Capabilities for Case-to-Complaint Management

Effective Complaint Management
Ensures Compliance for ASP

ASP significantly reduced issue to resolution time by leveraging a unified PLM, QMS, CRM platform that can quickly identify, report and resolve complaints while maintaining regulatory compliance.

Speed Case to Complaint to Resolution

Faster complaint resolution improves customer satisfaction and quality for current and future products.

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