Win more business at higher margins

Manufacturers of custom engineered products, (aka engineer-to-order products) face many challenges to quote, design and deliver unique products tailored to the requirements of customers. Sales and engineering teams must work together to provide prompt and accurate quotes to secure design wins and deliver products on time and on budget.. If done well, ETO companies can enjoy high margins and high customer satisfaction, ensuring continued success.

However, it’s not easy. ETO challenges include poorly aligned sales and engineering teams, difficulties to provide prompt and accurate quotes, mismanaged design changes, and many others issues that negatively impact margins, quality, delivery and customer satisfaction.

By solving the biggest challenges, Propel helps ETO companies capture more design wins, maximize margins, and improve customer loyalty.

Higher Win Rates

Deliver fast and accurate quotes to win more deals with tightly integrated and user-friendly PLM and CRM.

Higher Margins

Increase profits by reducing costs and delivery times using accurate customer and supplier data from seamless CRM and ERP integration.

More Loyal Customers

Increase customer satisfaction and loyalty by delivering custom products on-time and budget from concept to customer.

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Key Propel Capabilities for Custom Product Development

AMS Gains Huge Engineering Productivity Boost

Propel provides AMS Technologies a collaborative platform to easily share product designs, changes, and document design decisions with customers, engineering teams and sales for custom-engineered products. AMS improved engineering throughput by 500+% after deploying Propel.

Win more deals at higher margins

Improve win rate and project margins with end-to-end processes for custom product development.

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