Field Service Management

Quality doesn't start or stop when a product is shipped. Link data and issues identified during field service to product design to quickly resolve quality issues and improve future designs.

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Field Service, a Catalyst for Continuous Product Improvement

Quality doesn’t stop or start when a product ships. Field Service can provide great value in identifying new issues, quickly responding to known problems, and keeping customers satisfied.

With PLM, QMS and Case Management integrated on a single platform, customer complaints and quality issues identified in the field can quickly be reviewed and resolved by engineering, creating CAPAs as needed. Faulty parts or configurations can be replace proactively by Field Service to maximize uptime.

When product, quality, and service data are linked together in a single platform, companies can continuously improve products, service and customer satisfaction.

Continuous Product Improvement

Incorporate feedback from Field Service into current and future product design to improve quality and customer experience.

Reduce Service Cost

Use data from usage and quality to replace faulty parts before problems arise and maximize equipment uptime for customers.

Improve Quality and Customer Satisfaction

Increase market share and customer loyalty with great products and service.

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Key Propel Capabilities for Field Service Management

Unified Quality & Service Ensures Compliance, Customer Satisfaction

ASP has all product, customer, quality and service records seamlessly integrated on the Propel product platform. The closed-loop approach speeds products to market, increases customer satisfaction, and ensures regulatory compliance.

Utilize Field Service as a Strategic Advantage

Leverage Field Service to improve product design, quality and customer satisfaction.

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