IT Consolidation

Increase business agility, improve security, and simplify your IT stack by deploying PLM, QMS, CRM, and ERP on a single platform that can easily connect to other enterprise solutions.

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Scale and Win with a Modern Product Platform

A successful strategy for manufacturers combines superior product development and meaningful customer experiences. However, many companies struggle with siloed product systems and data that impair business agility, slow product design, and restrict collaboration with customers, partners and internal teams.

To regain competitive advantage, companies are consolidating their IT stack onto a unified platform of PLM, QMS, and CRM. By moving to a modern cloud architecture, product companies can maximize data transparency and availability, while ensuring the secure access of critical product, quality and customer data anytime, anywhere.

When done right, IT consolidation can be a critical factor for digital transformation and future success.

Faster Time to Market

Collaborate with customers, partners and internal teams to speed product development using the latest cloud technology.

Gain Efficiencies and Reduce Cost

Grow profits by reducing time to develop new products, identifying and resolving quality issues, and streamlining regulatory processes.

Configurable, Scalable and Extensible Platform

Our modern PLM, QMS and CRM platform integrates with ERP and other systems to gain efficiencies and insights across the enterprise.

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Key Propel Capabilities for IT Consolidation

ASP Consolidated 6 Quality Systems into
one QMS and PLM Platform

Propel provides ASP a unified platform with full PLM, QMS and CRM functionality and the ability to tie product, customer and quality data together in one platform.

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