New Product
Development (NPD)
& Introduction (NPI)

Efficient product development & introduction is an engine of value creation. Early movers win greater market share at premium prices. Faster time to market speeds revenue capture & improves profit.

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Develop and Launch Winning Products

Developing and launching new products involves common processes for many manufacturers: designing products to market needs, onboarding suppliers, ramping production, and enabling distribution channels.

But it’s not easy. Challenges include lack of data control and access, inefficient and unsecured sharing of intellectual property with suppliers, and ineffective commercialization of new product launches..

But done well, NPD and NPI processes represents a huge source of value for manufacturers.

Faster Time to Market

Capture premium pricing and reduce time to revenue with early market entry.

Higher Product Margins

Grow profits through component cost control, smart resource allocation, and high engineering throughput.

Greater Market Share

Increase market share and customer loyalty with differentiated products and effective omni-channel promotion.

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Key Propel Capabilities for Effective NPD & NPI

Formlabs Reduces NPD Time by 25%
in Regulated Markets

Propel gives Formlabs the flexibility and capability to grow and expand their product portfolio, while reducing prototype delivery by more than 5 weeks.

Develop & launch
winning products

Capture the financial benefits of launching innovative products earlier than your competitors.

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