A great product doesn’t guarantee commercial success. Enabling sales channels with timely and accurate product information is critical to hit margin and revenue targets. Utilizing a single platform for PLM and commercialization speeds new products to market and to ROI.

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Speed Products to Market

Traditional PLM and QMS systems focus on fit, form, and function of a product, but neglect the commercial aspects, potentially delaying introduction of new products to sales channels.

A plethora of product data, images, pricing and more must be delivered to internal sales, e-commerce, distributor, and retail teams before a product is launched to market.

Propel Commercialization solutions accelerate new product revenue by connecting the people, systems, and processes needed to quickly launch and sell new products anywhere in the world.

Faster Time to Market

Capture premium pricing and reduce time to revenue with early market entry at defined margins.

Facilitate Omnichannel Sales

Push accurate product information to sales channels and manage training of sales people using a single platform.

Higher Market Share

Increase market share and customer loyalty with differentiated products and effective omni-channel promotion.

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Key Propel Capabilities for Effective Commercialization

Close the Gap between Making Products
and Generating Sales

Propel helps a leading carpet and specialty materials company grow sales by sharing complex product information across all sales channels.

Close the gap between making products and generating sales

Hit your margin and sales targets faster by enabling your sales, e-commerce, distributor, and retail teams.

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