Quality Management

Effective Quality Management starts with product design and extends to service in the field. Whether in a regulated or non-regulated environment, mitigating risks and reducing the time to identify and solve quality issues is a catalyst to reduce expense and improve company success.

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Quality Matters

Quality Management doesn’t start after a product is sold. Quality starts with product design and development and encompasses the quality of incoming parts, through delivery and service. Quality should be built into a product, with a focus on solving problems as early as possible, whether in a regulated or non-regulated environment.

But it’s not easy. Challenges include lack of data control and access, slow and expensive response to quality and compliance issues, and difficulty identifying quality issues in the field.

When quality management is done well, from concept to customer, you can mitigate risks, reduce costs and drive top-line growth.

Resolve Quality Issues Faster

Automate and accelerate service case investigation and response to resolve issue quickly.

Reduce Service Costs

Collaborate closely with design and development teams to ensure products are built correctly before they ship.

Get and Stay Compliant

Achieve and maintain compliance across global markets to secure new revenue sources.

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Key Propel Capabilities for Quality Management

ASP Achieved 10 years of QMS Innovation
in 6 Months with Propel

By moving to Propel, ASP consolidated 6 enterprise QMS applications into one fully integrated PLM and QMS solution, while more efficiently managing FDA submissions within one single platform.

Quality Matters

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