Supplier Management

Supplier management is the process for creating and administering relationships with external organizations that provide materials and services. From onboarding and contract management, to secure data access, incoming quality and performance management, effective supplier management drives value for your organization.

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Finding and managing suppliers of goods and services is critical to the success of manufacturers. Effectively automating and streamlining key processes, such as onboarding of new suppliers, sharing of product data, and evaluation of product quality and supplier performance, directly affects bottom line performance and company success.

But it’s not easy. Challenges include lack of data control and access, inefficient and unsecured sharing of intellectual property with suppliers, and the difficulty of communication with multiple languages and timezones.  

But done well, effective supplier management represents a huge source of value for manufacturers.

Faster Time to Market

Capture premium pricing and reduce time to revenue with early market entry.

Better Product Margins

Grow profits through component cost control, smart resource allocation, and high engineering throughput.

Higher Market Share

Increase market share and customer loyalty with differentiated products and effective omni-channel promotion.

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Key Propel Capabilities for Effective Supplier Management

Bills of Material (BOM) &
Change Management

Fully define and evolve the BOM. Manage change intuitively with redlining, draft BOM’s, automated approvers and mobile notifications. Assess component risk with SiliconExpert grading.

Supplier Qualification & Onboarding

Manage the process of evaluating, onboarding and re-qualification of suppliers & manufacturers as well as their parts that are approved for the product.  This also may include audits, inspections and supplier inputs to ensure compliance. Performance is continually monitored for trends and thresholds across quality, delivery, compliance and risk metrics. 

Supplier Quality & Performance

Manage supplier quality through well-defined quality workflows including CAPA, SCAR and Audit processes. Supplier performance requires verified training, AVL/AML management, and adherence to compliance standards.

Formlabs Onboards New Suppliers in Record Time

With Propel, Formlabs can ramp up a brand new supplier quickly, including regulatory and compliance certifications, while having control into what suppliers can see and access.

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