Training Records

Confidently pass audits and improve product and employee safety with a comprehensive training record management solution that speeds employee training and ensures compliance to regulations and safety requirements across the global value chain.

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Reduce Errors, Speed Training and Ensure Compliance

Managing employee training and certification is critical to maintain compliance and eliminate risk. The entire process can be simplified by integrating training, testing, certification and reporting within the product platform.

But it’s not easy. Many companies are challenged with changes to regulations using manual processes and paper-based documentation, risking employee safety and regulatory compliance.

But done well, a cloud-based approach seamlessly integrated with product and employee data can reduce errors, speed training and ensure ongoing compliance.

Faster Time to Compliance

Quickly train and certify employees on changes to regulatory and safety requirements.

Reduce Cost of Training and Record Keeping

Save time and money by quickly identifying and training employees on new and changing requirements.

Ensure Local Compliance across the Globe

Assign site-specific and role-specific requirements, ensuring compliance with all local regulations and safety policies.

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Key Propel Capabilities for Training Records

Site-specific Training Ensures Global Conformance for Sierra Monitor

Sierra Monitor utilizes Propel Training Records to ensure employees are quickly trained on critical, time-sensitive updates such as rapidly evolving COVID-19 safety protocols.

Reduce errors, speed training and ensure compliance.

Save time and mitigate risk with training, quality and product records integrated in one platform.

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