Enter new markets with compelling and compliant products. Efficiently deliver custom products at target margins. Enable your sales channels with accurate and timely product information.

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If you only build it, they won’t come.

A lot of things have to go right for a product to succeed. Traditional PLM and QMS systems focus on fit, form, and function of a product, but neglect the commercial aspects needed for new product introduction.  

Propel is different. It helps close the gap between making products and generating sales. Respond to customers faster, generate more accurate quotes, and increase win rates by enabling your sales, e-commerce, distributor, and retail teams.

Integrate sales with new product development

Propel helps companies accelerate new product revenue by connecting the people, systems, and processes needed to quickly launch and sell new products anywhere in the world. Deliver more profitable products ahead of schedule without compromising on cost reduction or product quality. Share up-to-date information with e-commerce platforms, suppliers and distributors with the push of a button.

Enter New Markets, Increases Win Rate, and Improves Sales Effectiveness

Win More Deals at Higher Margins

Close more deals with faster quote response due to better sales-engineering collaboration.
Provide accurate quotes to reduce costly delays. Track margins to ensure you hit profitability targets.

Enable Effective Omnichannel Sales

Provide customers with a seamless procurement experience, no matter how they buy. Ensure e-commerce, distributors and retail channels all have accurate product information.

Enter New Markets with Compelling, Compliant Products

Secure additional revenue sources by entering new markets with products that meet local and regional requirements.

Delight Customers

Ensure high customer satisfaction, increased market share, and an intact brand reputation. See fewer product returns because your product information from websites or channels matches the actual product they purchase

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The Modern Way to Take Products from Concept to Customer

Sell the right products in every channel

Built on Salesforce

Natively built on the Salesforce platform, Propel helps you capture, share and update your latest product information to Salesforce Sales Cloud, B2B Commerce Cloud, CPQ, Manufacturing Cloud, Service Cloud, and more.

Sales - Engineering Collaboration

Use a single cloud platform to get all teams on the same page regarding the latest product updates, tasks, and timelines. Improve accuracy and responsiveness of quotes for custom product development with more effective sales to engineering collaboration.

Product and SKU management

Define any type of product attribute needed for omni-channel sales, including descriptions, prices, dimensions, and media files. Automatically generate and publish SKUs for different locales, catalogs, channels and pricebooks.

Versioning and change management

Graphically redline changes to any product attribute to communicate the latest updates to your value chain. Intelligently route changes for review and approval, while having complete version history for all your products and SKUs.

Project management

Track all the tasks and deliverables needed for new product launches, customer engineering projects, regional rollouts, and channel enablement.

Cost and price management

Get a true sense of product costs - including component costs, tooling, and research and development - to more intelligently determine pricing for all your new products.

Sales enablement

Set rules and policies to ensure sales teams are fully trained and certified to sell  new products. Global product registration further ensures teams only sell what they're allowed to.


Deliver environmentally responsible products and packaging per corporate directives and in compliance with regional regulations

Product Registration

Manage & track global product registrations and licensing for the countries in which you sell. Accurately plan, design & forecast product and sales into new markets.

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Integrates Commercialization
with Product & Quality

Keep up with global requirements, evolving product complexities, and increasing customer expectations by successfully managing product commercialization early and throughout its lifecycle.

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