Legacy PLM/QMS Replacement

Improve responsiveness to changing customer demands and market conditions with a configurable cloud platform built for an ever-changing environment.

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Win with a Modern Approach to PLM & QMS

While legacy PLM and QMS platforms focus on engineering and quality teams, a modern platform enables company-wide collaboration that can quickly identify and respond to customer needs.

Replacing PLM and QMS systems is not easy, but the risk of losing a competitive edge is far worse. By postponing the inevitable need to modernize your critical systems, you increase the risk of losing market share with an impaired ability to respond to changing customer demands and market conditions.

But don’t stress, our cloud solution is built for fast and flexible deployments to speed your teams to design and build great products.

Fast Deployment

Deploy in weeks and months, instead of years or never with modern cloud software.

Invest in Growth

Grow your business while attracting new employees with top-rated software that is flexible to use and easily adapts to changing conditions.

Configurable, Scalable and Extensible Platform

Easy to use and configure, our modern cloud platform integrates with CRM, ERP, and Case Management to gain efficiencies and insights across the enterprise.

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Key Propel Capabilities for Modern PLM & QMS

Regular Software Updates

Propel guarantees at least 3 major releases per year that are immediately available to all customers.

From Legacy to Modern PLM = Immediate ROI
for Sierra Monitor

“The return on investment was immediate. Processes that used to take months, now were literally taking days to accomplish and the communication across teams has been incredible,”
- Michael Farr, VP Operations

Win with modern PLM & QMS

Unshackle yourself from the pain and expense of legacy systems. Move to the modern product success platform.

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