Built on Salesforce

Customer 360 + Product 360
The next-generation platform for manufacturers.

Unlock the benefits of a modern cloud

Propel is built on Salesforce, the industry’s top-rated SaaS platform, and our solution incorporates all the capabilities of its modern cloud infrastructure. Salesforce’s multi-tenant architecture is future-proof, ensuring Propel will always be the next generation product success platform. More than 150,000 companies use Salesforce to grow and manage their business because of the market-leading benefits it delivers.

Work more effectively with your entire value chain

Rock-solid data protection

Salesforce’s comprehensive security, which includes infrastructure, network, and application security, is designed to provide customers with complete privacy and high levels of performance. Salesforce uses a skilled cybersecurity team and the latest security technologies to ensure each customer has access to the best available data protection.

Fast and flexible configurability

Extensive configuration options and tools that allow you to set up the platform without custom development. Configurations can be quickly updated to meet your needs as they evolve.

Extend to any industry or department

Over 5,000 solutions are available through the AppExchange, the world's #1 business app marketplace.

Comprehensive business management

Propel is fully integrated with Salesforce Clouds - such as Sales, Service, and Marketing - with an ecosystem of third-party consultants that can deploy Salesforce in any industry.

Easy integrations

Need functionality beyond existing Salesforce Clouds or AppExchange partners? Propel’s platform has you covered. Seamlessly connect with enterprise applications in the cloud or on-premise using Salesforce's modern integration infrastructure.

Fully integrated mobile access

Users can now quickly access and update real-time product data from anywhere, on any device, which significantly accelerates speed to market.

Reporting and analytics

Integrated reporting and analytics allow you to track, manage, and present comprehensive product data the way you want it.

Complete knowledge transfer and data continuity

Propel is your single source of product information with a modern user interface that can quickly be learned by anybody in your company. High user adoption coupled with secure data storage ensures knowledge remains in place even when employees leave.

Easy to use

Salesforce's modern interface is built for today's workforce, with an intuitive and productive user experience. Best practices and training are optimized for new users, experts, and everyone in between.


Salesforce's multi-tenant cloud runs on a single code base, enabling every customer to run their business on the latest release without disruption. Hundreds of new features and functionality are released three times a year and benefit all customers immediately.