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Salesforce and Propel:
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Bringing commercial and product teams together on a single platform is the easiest and fastest way to unify customer and product data, enable collaboration, and establish seamless business processes throughout the entire value chain. The end result is greater visibility and greater responsiveness on a simplified IT stack - all working in tandem to help companies make the right decisions faster and with less resources. Built on Salesforce means more than Propel offering the many benefits of this world class business platform to our customers, it also means we help unlock additional ROI for companies that chose Salesforce as their business platform of choice.

All the power of Salesforce in one home base

Sales Cloud

Connecting a Sales Cloud opportunity to Propel simplifies collaboration and process flow from inquiry through product design and costing. For order-based product development, such as engineer to order and configure to order (ETO and CTO), companies can quickly prepare accurate quotes, win a higher percentage of deals, and meet profit targets with better costing insight. Making this an efficient process also contributes to reducing customer acquisition costs.

Service Cloud

Easily link customer cases from Service Cloud to product data in Propel to streamline issue resolution, increase customer satisfaction, and improve quality for both current and future products. The speed and workflow automation reduces cost of service while being an integral part of a continuous product improvement process.

Commerce Cloud

Propel aggregates product definition data, organizes and enriches it to meet a company's needs, and formats it for distribution to ecommerce channels. Connecting Commerce Cloud to Propel streamlines the handoff of product information and images to Salesforce Commerce Cloud or other ecommerce platforms, ensuring the highest data quality is consistently delivered across different ecommerce platforms while compressing time to revenue.

Revenue Cloud

New product releases, available supply, and component cost volatility can create equally dynamic price changes for product catalogs.  Propel manages these changes and how they translate to SKU pricebook changes. Connecting Revenue Cloud to Propel automatically ensures new products and pricing changes are updated in the pricebook in real time, simplifying change control, ensuring pricing accuracy, and streamlining new product introductions.

Experience Cloud

Propel extends product information and collaboration across the value chain and in real time. Experience Cloud is the perfect way to ensure data integrity and proper audit controls when sharing that information with low touch users. The Propel Supplier Community allows you to share product information and collaborate with suppliers in a secure and easy to use environment. While Electronic Instructions for Use ensures product data published on public websites is accurate and up to date.


Propel delivers greater team productivity by delivering “quick work” flows through Slack. Extending Propel processes to Slack - which is naturally mobile and collaborative - allows users to quickly approve, query and upload content without disrupting existing work patterns. The reduction in context switching and simplified interactions for common tasks helps teams make decisions faster and smarter.


Simplify data strategies and business intelligence with a single source of insight that spans across teams, functional solutions and processes. Propel leverages Tableau to bring customer, product, and supplier data into a visual analytics experience tailored to help make better business decisions.

Industry Clouds

Contact us to learn how Propel works with Salesforce Industry Clouds such as Manufacturing Cloud and Health Cloud.